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About us

Associated Pacific Machine Corp. with offices in Camarillo, California, is an importer and distributor of general and specialized hydraulic die cutting- and knife cutting machinery, advanced die-less cutting systems, log-splitting, lamination, slitting/rewinding and sheeting, water-jet equipment, plastic card machinery and the Ultra Bender line of rule bending machines. For more than 50 years, we have been providing sales, service, and consulting to a multitude of industries throughout the Americas and the world. We sell to both wholesale and retail accounts, and welcome new resellers and dealers interested in partnering with us to expand our reach into new and emerging markets.

Beginning with our origins importing machinery from Europe for the shoe and leather goods industries, Associated Pacific Machine was able to gain experience and knowledge from both our suppliers and customers that allowed for our initial expansion into die cutting machinery, and the many industries that quickly became consumers of this equipment. Building on the success of early European engineering, we became instrumental in advancing and revolutionizing the growing line of die cutting machinery throughout Asia, beginning in Taiwan. Decades of collaboration with our Asian partners and suppliers have resulted in a diversified product line of manual and automated equipment that has achieved a consistent level of quality and reliability, allowing us the confidence to put our name on every piece of equipment we sell. Today, we have come full circle and are back in Europe with a family of Italian made die-less cutting equipment for the growing community of customers looking to innovate their cutting operations.

Associated Pacific Machine supplies manufacturing equipment to businesses big and small, far and wide, from the aerospace industry to the recreational industry and products found in everyday living. Our visional expertise stems from almost a half a century of exposure to both press manufacturers and major press user facilities from around the globe. Our customers are buying the experience, knowledge, creativity, and resources combined and distilled into a quality product offered up at exceptional prices. The solutions provided by Associated Pacific Machine help our customers achieve and maintain industry leadership through the benefits gained from material and labor savings. We design and deliver systems that provide customers with a manufacturing edge, allowing them to expand their position in the market and stay a step ahead of the competition.

We are proud to offer our customers with a wide selection of new and used equipment in stock, along with a parts and repair department, in house engineering, and technical service within an 18,000 square foot facility. We are ready and available to serve you with your next project.