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Carpet Tile Cutting System (FH4798-100)

This Full Head Press Cutting System features 100 tons of available tonnage and a 47" x 98" bed size.


  • Polypropylene cutting pad with pad shifter
  • Stroke adjustible inboard clamping beam with 92.1" long conveyor belt
  • Outboard pinch roll with 6.3" opening and 92.1" long conveyor belt
  • 2 HP servo motor positioning system
  • Inboard safety fence guard and outboard hinged safety guards
  • Auto edge tracking device including one roll material stand
  • Scrap cut off device and delivery conveyor
  • Cut parts gathering conveyor to gather four pieces per row into two flow
  • In line loop control with on/off switch
  • Seperate sealed hydraulic unit and external filter
  • Four post mechanical stops


Machine Options
  • Double slide table- Allows for multiple operators to work at the same time and increase productivity from one single machine.
  • Pad Shifter- Mounts on the head of a full press machine and oscillates the polypropylene pad to reduce wear on die, as well as increase material yields.
  • Die Mounting rails- Allows for ease of access to die pads and makes changing die pads easier.
  • Clamping Beam- Comprising of a fixed position gripper and a secondary moving gripper, clamping beam allows for incremental adjustment for material feed.
  • Automated 4 Post Mechanical Stops (Instead of the Manual 4 Post Mechanical Stops) – Mechanical stops are controlled by a motor with an encoder. Low point stops ensure the precise bottom position and parallelism of the head on each cutting stroke.
  • Polypropylene Cutting Pad and Oscillating Pad Shifter on the Bed of the Press – The oscillating pad shifter greatly improves the cutting pad life by rotating the cutting pad on a circular path after each cut.
  • Double Pumps and Motors – Two motors and hydraulic pumps are used so the press can make more cuts per minute than it would make with one pump and motor.