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Manual Feed Magnetic Tape Laying Machine (MTL-700MS)

Machine For Sheet To Sheet Application


  • The machine can operate at the highest possible speed. Material type and thickness can affect the speed at which you can run the machine.
  • The pressure and heat of each laying roller press can be individually controlled, minimizing the surface area subjected to heat, as well as allowing for fine tune adjustments.
  • The multiple pinch rollers hold the material securely in place throughout the application process, allowing for perfect parallelism of the magnetic strips.
  • The operation area is entirely enclosed by clear glass safety doors, allowing for operator safety, without decreasing the visibility of operation.
  • User friendly touch screen control.
Range of application
  • The purpose of the machine is to place magnetic tape onto plastic or paper card materials. The materials can be PVC, Styrene, PET, PETG, or any other material suitable for plastic card production. The material can be roll sheets, press polished, or laminated. The material thickness can range from 10 to 30+ mil. The tape can be lo-co or hi-co.


Machine Options
  • Increase in the number of tapes
  • Age tracking or registration or registration mark tracking




Designated Applications