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Ultra-Bender (BB-018 CE)

This computer-automated rule bending machine features the ability to use different sets of tools for rule types ranging from 7-60mm in height with a 3pt thickness and 12-32mm in height with a 4pt thickness.


  • Recommended for making high accurate Electronic Dies, Cigarette Packaging Dies, Vacuum Forming Dies, Advertisement Wording, Stripping Dies, Cutting Dies, and Sticker Labels
  • Using different set of tools for rule types ranging from height 7-60 mm, Height 12-32mm
  • Broaching with auto deepness adjust, auto height adjust, dual broaching system for "V" shape & "Flat" shape, and edge broaching.
  • Four different Nicking Discs can be loaded to make multiple nick width simultaneously.
  • Perforation can be applied at various points automatically amd cutting tools can be changed easily and fast.


Machine Options
  • Upgrade to Auto Lifting Rule Cassette Holder (6 Cassettes)
  • Bending Head 1.18" x 3 point (30mm x 3 point)
  • Bending Head 2.36" x 3 point (60mm x 3 point)
  • Bending Head 1.26" x 3 point (32mm x 4 point)
  • Lipping and Cutting mould /w coating
  • Future CAM Professional Version License