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Ultrabender (BB-014)

This computer-automated rule bending machine features automated production, with highly precise electronic systems to control the different set of rule types.



Richly Top's self-developed computer-automated rule bending machine is able to bend the rules into different shapes and curves according to requirements. It shortens the rule bending time for rule bending experts very much. It also largely increases the accuracy and smoothness of the cutting moulds as well as increasing the efficiency and quality. Richly Top's computer-automated rule bending machine is especially good for the "irregular shape moulds". It is the first machine containing both options of high-speed mode and high-precision mode for the best balance of speed and precision respectively, fitting different requirements of different moulds.

  • Automated production, with highly precise electronic systems controlling the run-lengths to avoid human errors.
  • High efficiency, high speed, accurate bending shapes, saving a lot of rule bending time.
  • Punches bridges, lippers, and straight cuts automatically, and produces rules with all functions in one time.
  • First introduced two-step punching moulds, able to punch lippers and straight cuts accurately as well as protecting bending accuracy.
  • Ultra-Benders use CCD camerasfor adjusting bending angles automatically, which laregly shortens time for angle tuning.
  • Putting CAD drawing and machine controlling functions into the same integrated software interface to make the machine user friendly.
  • The software is developed based on Windows platform with English and Chinese languages, and supports massive Windows compatible printers, plotters, scanners, and network servers.


Machine Options
  • Upgrade to Auto Lifting Rule Cassette Holder (6 Cassettes)
  • Bending Head (30mm x 3 point)
  • Bending Head (60mm x 3 point)
  • Bending Head (32mm x 4 point)
  • Lipping and Cutting mould /w coating
  • Future CAM Professional Version License




Designated Industries