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Hydraulic Kiss Cutting System

Hydraulic Kiss Cutting System

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The five independent modules of the HS-PH25 system are specially designed to operate either individually or in unison. Moreover, each module of this system is able to connect with every other module.

Unwind Station & Conveyer: For saving time when handling material, the unwind station with tension control and the conveyer without tension help materials move smoothly and keep them from tearing.

Laminator: The laminating machine with two material stands with edge tracking device and four unwind/rewind stands with magnetic clutch tension control and air shafts are capable of laminating multi-layer materials precisely, including material rolls with multiple narrow rows.

Cutting Machine: The HS-PH25 cutting machine with precise pinch roll feeder using individual servo motors is able to do kiss cutting and through cutting using the following methods.
• Cutting on steel using steel rule dies
• Cutting on PET belt using steel rule dies
• Male and female die cutting with pin hole function
Sticky roll materials such as tags, labels, plastic packing, and cell phone components can all be cut with this machine.

The last module of the system, the rewind station, is able to peel off and rewind waste material simultaneously. Meanwhile, the finished material will be collected onto another roller. The rewind station not only has the ability to peel off and rewind waste material, but it can also laminate materials depending on the customer’s requirements.

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