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Offer: World of Diecutting Now Available

The World of Diecutting by Robert Larson is an invaluable resource for anyone in the die-cutting and/or die-making business. Over 570 pages of information on flatbed, multi-contour and rotary die-cutting as well as associated tooling systems. To order, please visit the ordering page.

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Associated Pacific Machine Corp. remains dedicated to providing our customers with valuable information in order to guide our customers through a simple decision-making process. Over the years of operation, APMC has acquired reputable references both directly and through association that are pivotal for enhancing proper communication with our customers. Because no two companies are the same, every customer’s needs differ from the next which makes the concept of providing accurate information paramount to the way APMC runs operations. The sections of information that have been provided in the Resources section as well as throughout the site are all for the customer’s benefit to assure that they are receiving quality information that correlates with the requirements they need from products offered through Associated Pacific Machine Corp.