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Associated Pacific Machine is proud to announce that the company is experiencing its best years in the 47 years of business. Due to the continued growth in the die cutting industry, new machinery constantly captivates our customers and attracts them to read what’s new in the innovation of industrial technology. The expansion of the company’s reach into the die less and table cutting industry has increased interest and sales of machinery for leather and gasket applications. This increase in interest for die less machinery has inspired Associated Pacific Machine to showcase the latest machinery that the company offers in the die less industry.

Over the years of operations, Associated Pacific Machine has grown into an industry leader for the specialized market of machine manufacturing. However, as the success and reputation of our company grew, the companies that invested with us throughout various industries have also grown into multi-million dollar corporations. We are proud to acknowledge and showcase what these companies have achieved because it proves that your business, no matter how big or small, can attain the level of success that these businesses possess.