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Customer Testimonials

We were faced with a die cutting challenge on a multi layered part made up of foam fabric and plastic. Although we had worked a way of cutting our product using equipment we had in-house, the results were less than desirable and we were wearing out tools as we were using a hard-anvil process. The product reached the point where we needed dedicated equipment, so we turned to Associated Pacific to help us with selecting the proper equipment for the job.

Product Spotlight – Rule Bending Systems

Throughout the years of establishment and development, Richly Top implements a globalize management strategy which further intensifies the long term relationship and partnership between customers across Asia, Europe, North America, Latin America, Australia, and Africa.

Product Spotlight – Die Less Cutting Systems

With the technology for cutting systems advancing at an alarmingly rapid pace, Associated Pacific Machine keeps its customers up to date with the latest trends by showcasing the newest machinery available to its customers.