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Product Spotlight – Die Less Cutting Systems


With the technology for cutting systems advancing at an alarmingly rapid pace, Associated Pacific Machine keeps its customers up to date with the latest trends by showcasing the newest machinery available to its customers. The Booster ICE and Kombo T remain paramount over any die cutting system created in the past 25 years for a myriad of reasons. The fact that the Kombo T and Booster ICE can create any shape using a CAD system and can cut through virtually any material, places the owner of these machines in an advantageous position over their competition. Die cutting systems require maintenance of most hydraulic systems as well replacing worn out dies; however, because the Booster ICE and Kombo T eliminate the need for new dies, the turnaround time for finished products decreases which results in an increase in productivity and profits. The Kombo T features a powerful vacuum system to keep the material on the working table which ensures the most precise cut possible. Also, the Kombo T/Booster ICE increases the proficiency of the cutting system by incorporating a “virtual die” projection onto the material to nest the shapes to cut.