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25 Ton Automated High Speed Cutting Machine

HSC-25 Automated High Speed Hydraulic Cutting Machine
with Automatic Feeding, Slug Collection, Cut Parts Registration and Knock Out, and Waste Web Rewind

25 Ton Automated High Speed Cutting Machine-pic1

APMC is proud to present a new HSC-25 machine for the medical industry. This machine is designed to cut breathing filters for the medical industry. The inboard feeding system utilizes a conveyor, adjustable side guides and pinch roll feeder system. The die, in this case cutting two concentric circles, is easily loaded through a side opening. A vacuum system connected to the cutting die removes the small center slugs while cut parts are automatically knocked out into a collection bag under the knock out station. By removing the central, scrap slugs, this system delivers 100% clean and finished cut parts. After the knock out station, the scrap web material is carried away by two toothed belts.

25 Ton Automated High Speed Cutting Machine-pic2

• Two meter long inboard conveyer with adjustable side guides and pinch roller feeding
• Special precision etched die to eliminate the need for shimming
• 100% extraction of center slugs by vacuum suction
• Servo control and triple optical fiber-optic sensors ensure knock out consistency