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25 Ton Automated High Speed Cutting Press for Abrasive Discs

HSC-25 High speed hydraulic cutting machine
with material unwind, pinch roll feeding, through/kiss cutting, and parts/scrap rewind for cutting linked abrasive discs.

 25 Ton Automated High Speed Cutting Press for Abrasive Discs-pic1

APMC is proud to introduce a new machine for the abrasive industry – HSC-25 for cutting linked abrasive discs. This is a fully automatic system – material is unwound from the roll stand through a set of pinch rollers, cut (a combination of through cutting and kiss cutting), and rewound without operator intervention. Slugs are collected by the specially designed slug box inside the cutting head. There are two sets of cut parts rewind rollers to hold the finished rolls of linked discs. This machine has everything you need for automatic linked disc production.

25 Ton Automated High Speed Cutting Press for Abrasive Discs-pic2

• High speed hydraulic system, up to 50 strokes per minute for 5” (125 mm) discs, capable of 9000 parts per hour, linked discs (with 3-cavity tool)
• Slug box under the head
• Two sets of cut part rewind rollers
• Programmable user interface, operator can input number of discs required per roll
• Open side frame for easy die loading and unloading
• Automated material roll stand and speed reducer with lazy loop control; speed can be adjusted via frequency converter.