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70 Ton Computerized Die Cutting Press for Earplugs

70 Ton Computerized Die Cutting Press for Earplugs

70 Ton Computerized Die Cutting Press for Earplugs-pic1

The machine provides savings and increases efficiency for the production of foam ear plugs. Our customer was already using an automatic Traveling Head die cutting system but was looking for increased production and, most importantly, increased yield from their expensive material. By carefully considering the hole punch pattern and changing the orientation of the cutting die (compared to the original machine), we found that a material savings of approximately 6% could be achieved. In addition, we increased the tonnage to 70 Metric (77 US) tons giving the customer the potential to double up on the tool punch cavities in the future, further improving output.

Special Model: 2 Axis Computer Numerical Control Die Cutting Press and Feeding System. The machine significantly increases the efficiency of yield and speed of output.

Material Detector: Proximity sensor at rear of machine detects if material goes tight and stops machine. Fiber optic sensor to detect material edges with on/off capability.

Precise Cutting: The X axis is driven by ball screw to ensure positioning accuracy. Also, the mechanical stops control the cutting stoke.

Tool & Slug box: A specialized tool is used to cut the foam ear-plugs. The cut parts are collected in the slug box while the machine is cutting.

Vacuum Pipe for Cut Part RemovalThe vacuum pipe is used to remove the cut parts from the slug box. At the same time, the scrap web feeds continuously out of the machine.