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Automatic Punching and Stacking System

Automatic Punching and Stacking System

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The GSM-1A machine is an automatic punching and stacking system for global system mobile communications (GSM) cards. It is designed to punch the subscriber identity module (SIM) and etch a break-out line according to the GSM 11.11 standard. The machine output can reach 3,000 cards per hour.

Card Feeding Machine: Cards are fed into the machine through two removable magazines. The magazines are standard Sysco sized and can be used in many other Sysco card machines. Cards are fed through the bottom of the magazine. In order to make sure that only one card is fed at a time, there is a double card check device. Double fed cards are sent directly to the reject card box without being punched.

SIM Punching and Etching Station: SIM punching is driven by a pneumatic system. Waste material is removed into an external container. Etching station – A pneumatic-driven tool knife edge etches the SIM break out lines. Two side guide devices are used to adjust the card position before punching.

Finished Card and Reject Card Collection: The finished cards are stacked into two removable magazines. There is one sensor fitted before the SIM punching station to check the card’s position. If a card is in an incorrect position, it will go to the reject card collection box.

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