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Card Punching and Lamination Machine

Card Punching and Lamination Machine

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Along with the popularity of the plastic card market, higher quality and more expensive plastic cards are being developed and introduced to the market. Sysco developed the HCV-3K to fill this need. The small footprint, high performance laminating sequence, precise cutting result, and friendly operation fit today’s manufacturing needs. Following is a working sequence of the HCV-3K.

HCV-3K is designed to laminate and punch cards in one step. This process is specifically for personalized and contactless cards, such as ID cards, health insurance cards, …etc. Sheet size is A4 size (210×297 mm).

In the first stage, the stacking sheet, which had been pre-welded and punched with pinholes, will be loaded onto the conveyor one by one. Two mirror plates will also loaded automatically to wrap the material like a sandwich. The teflon mirror plates will ensure the laminating sequence and prevent static.

There are three steps in the laminating station: pre-heating, heating, and cooling. Every single sheet will go through these three steps before cutting. Heating and cooling temperatures, pressure and operating times are easy to adjust and set up by a mechanical valve or a user-friendly touch screen. The customer can adjust the parameter based on the type of material.

At this stage, the suction pad and pinhole will pick out the laminated material and position it for punching. The mirror plates will be placed on the conveyor that moves them back to the beginning of the cycle.

Sheets are aligned and positioned by two X-axes and one Y-axis before cutting. This ensures precise cutting and eliminates mistakes. At the end, two exchangeable magazines are on standby for   stacking the cards.

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