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High Speed Hydraulic Card Cutting System

High Speed Hydraulic Card Cutting System

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APMC has added a new line of punching machines for the CARD industry – CAR-12AS High Speed Hydraulic Cutting System. With auto sheet feeder, sheets are automatically loaded by the sheet feeder suction device and placed onto the inboard table, and then sheets are positioned according to printed registration marks, and progressively fed through the cutting head for punching. A conveyor beneath the cutting station collects the cards out of the machine and the skeleton web is carried away for disposal. The CAR-12AS also can be used to produce products with kiss cut and/or through cut at the same time using progressive dies.

• Wide range of materials and layouts
• Automatic feeder
• Auto cross-alignment to printed registration marks with 2 laser sensors with positioning accuracy of ±0.1 mm
• One high precision laser sensor for Y axis in feeding direction to cut, with positioning accuracy of ±0.1 mm
• Manual 4 post mechanical stops
• One set delivery conveyor under the male & female die for card collection

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