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High Speed Press Cutting and Sealing

High Speed Press Cutting and Sealing

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This high speed hydraulic die cutting machine is specially designed for medical products. It automatically cuts, heat seals the edges of the cut parts, and stacks the cut parts. A similar model for cosmetic pads is also available. The correct temperature is easily set using the touch screen operator interface and heat will be transferred to the aluminum tool backing plate via heating wires. This action ensures accurate material edge sealing.

For easy die loading and unloading, there is an access door on the side of the frame where the die slides in and out. Rollers are used to control the tension during material feeding. Cut parts drop down into a collection box. The collection box moves in and out of position on wheels for easy cut part collection. The scrap material web is rewound on the outboard side. The rewind stand has a tension guide roller and an air shaft with adjustable speed. The material feeding is performed by a motorized single roll material stand and a lazy loop control with three photo sensors. A chiller is used to maintain the temperature within perfect operating range.

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