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Magnetic Tape Layer

Magnetic Tape Layer

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This machine is equipped with several new additional optional devices.

Magnetic Tape Stand: The setting accuracy is fixed, no need for re-calibrating when changing the new magnetic tape.

Sensor for tracking the web foil: Ensures web foil smooth rewinding without any interruptions. Error alarm will alert the operator.

Edge tracking die cutting device: Focuses on shearing material sheet at the side edges while laying the tape. This device keeps the material sheet in alignment. It can be adjusted from left and right sides.

Suction device in outboard roller: Helps in keeping a clean roller, avoids the risk of web scrap sticking to the sheet material.

Fine adjustable side guide device: Extension to the length of side guide device to close the laying position. Fine adjustment for all the guides on one shaft is now available. Allows for a straight and accurate tape. Accuracy is +/- 0.1 mm.