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Rotary Die Cutter

Rotary Die Cutter

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The new RDC Rotary Die Cutter is state-of-the-art manufacturing technology for component converting. Speed up your production with only a single operator running the machine. Available in four and seven stations.

– Die sets and feeding control are driven by separate servo motors, ensuring precise synchronization between all die sets.
– The material unwind and rewind devices are also controlled by separate servo motors. Each device can be set for either unwind or rewind operation, depending on material requirements.
– Proprietary strain gauges provide accurate tension control, allowing for easy material setup.
– Adjustments using a CCD camera imaging system ensure precise alignment of cuts across multiple layers.
– Tension control and CCD alignment are done by a single operator using the computer interface.

High-Tech Applications
– Mobile Phone Components Pads, Mice, Screens, Gaskets
– Hard Disk Components Disk Polishing Pads, Vibration Dampers, Zone Transfer Adhesives
– Wafer Processing Aides Water Soluble Bonding Adhesive, Scribe and Dice Mounting Tapes, Heat Dissipative Materials
– Electrical Conductors and Insulators
– Shields
– Filters and Seals

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