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The Gasket Fabricators Association (GFA) is a trade association of members dedicated to providing custom fabricated components and materials for use in industrial, electronic and medical applications worldwide. Its membership is composed of the foremost companies in the industry, and includes many of the smaller specialized product fabricators.

By partnering with the Gasket Fabricators Association, Associated Pacific Machine has been able to gain maximum exposure within the gasket industry to provide beneficial manufacturing solutions to GFA members, as well as suppliers alike. Associated Pacific Machine communicates their vision with various companies and industries by adhering to their production requirements; however, the GFA Supplier Expo allows APMC to showcase their latest and greatest technology in order to attract industry leaders to invest with their machinery. Although the gasket industry remains one of Associated Pacific Machine’s most consistent industries to work with, the range of applications that their machinery benefits start from foam, leather, and medical, to abrasives, textiles, and plastic cards.